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What is hashing? A guide with examples

If you work in the Technology Where cyber security industry, chances are you’ve heard of the term hash, but what is it and what is it for? At its core, hashing is the practice of transforming a string of characters into another value for security purposes. Although many people use the terms hashing and encryption […]

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Non-native database management system market growth,

Non-Native Database Management System Market New Jersey, United States, – The Global Non-Native Database Management Systems Market report provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, including qualitative and quantitative data. It provides a broad overview of the global Non-Native Database Management System market and forecast for major segments. It also contains market size estimates and […]

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Is early music really exploding on TikTok, or has our definition of “catalog” become stale?

TikTok’s impact on the music industry is hard to argue. The app serves as an A&R tool for labels and a distribution and promotion tool for DIY artists, and the virality lottery has made global winners of acts behind music released decades ago. But just How? ‘Or’ What old is the majority of popular “old” […]