Special accommodation rates are available for visitors of PostgreSQL Day 2008.

Rates for the following hotels, which are situated in the historic centre and hence within walking distance to the Monash University Prato Centre, include breakfast, taxes and service. A limited number of rooms in each hotel have been reserved for visitors, therefore it is recommended that you book your room as soon as possible or before the release date.

At the time of placing your booking, please indicate: "Monash University: PGDay 2008".

Hotel San Marco (3 star)
  • single room: 60 €
  • double room (single use): 65 €
  • double room: 85 €
  • free Internet wireless connection

Release date: 18 September 2008.

Hotel Giardino (3 star)
  • single room: 70 €
  • double room (single use): 85 €
  • double room: 90 €
  • wireless connection available upon payment (from 2 €/hour up to 25 €/week)

Release date: 18 September 2008.

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