Banks Offering Free Credit Cards (Instant Approval)

One of the issues that credit card consumers complain about the most is the shopping interest rate, delay interest, maturity difference, etc. In addition to costs, banks require credit card usage fees. Upon the increase of complaints about this issue, BRSA has been included in the issue and has put some regulations into effect.

After these arrangements, it was possible for consumers to use credit cards without dues and even the right to appeal if the card dues were received. Therefore, it will be useful to mention the banks that issue inexpensive credit cards and various features of these cards.

Free Credit Cards

Consumers are not obliged to pay any dues due to their card usage within the scope of the credit card without charge. Similar to other credit cards, shopping installment, earning points, etc. It is also one of the card features, but it is also possible to not participate in some campaigns organized on the card.

Therefore, it is important that consumers who want to use a credit card free of charge ask their banks what opportunities they will have if they pay at least once. Because some banks can undertake to cover even interesting expenses such as free locksmith service twice a year if the card fee is paid.

Good Credit Free Card

Good Credit Free Card

Good Credit Free Card is one of the most frequently used inexpensive credit cards. Thanks to the Free Card, where no card fees are requested, it is possible to install all expenses, use cash advances and earn points from the expenditures made.

Thanks to the cash-enabled Free card, you can install your expenses with low-interest installments, postpone your statement debt, install all your debt payments, simultaneously access all your expenses with e-statement facility, request a foreign currency statement, pay an invoice or remittance. You can make payments such as SGK premium payments.

Thanks to the cash free card, it is possible to participate in various campaigns. Various active campaigns of Free Kart, which attract the attention of consumers with its frequently updated campaign list, are as follows:

  • With the cash-enabled Free card, you have the opportunity to earn 15 USD chip money for 1 new automatic payment order, 50 USD for 3 new automatic payment orders, and 100 USD for 6 or more invoice orders.
  • Within the scope of the Beymen campaign, which only Free cardholders can participate, you have the opportunity to earn 200 USD chip money for purchases of USD 2,000 and above through physical pos devices in Beymen stores.
  • If you buy at least 125 USD of fuel 4 times from cash member Shell stations, you have the opportunity to earn up to 40 USD of chip money.
  • Within the scope of this campaign, which is organized exclusively for cash Free cardholders, you can take advantage of up to 9 months of installments for your expenses from Tatilsepeti, you will have 3 additional installments for expenses that can be made in 6 installments under normal conditions.
  • You have the opportunity to earn 15 USD chip money for 75 USD and above spending from Watsons stores.

Is Credit Card Fee Compulsory?

Is Credit Card Fee Compulsory?

Paying credit card fees has been made obligatory after the BRSA regulation in October 2014. With this regulation, it has become imperative that consumers have a credit card without dues if they apply to their banks.

In other words, if he applies to a consumer bank and states that he wants to use a credit card without paying for the card fee, the bank is obliged to offer a product alternative to this consumer. Consumers cannot be compelled to pay cards, but it is up to the banks to decide what kind of features they will have.

In addition, card fees cannot be requested for virtual credit cards, for credit cards that have never been used, or for credit cards that have never been used within the past 6 months before the card fee will be reflected.

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