Call for papers

European PGDay 2008 is the main European event about PostgreSQL this year. If you're doing interesting PostgreSQL work in Europe or elsewhere, this is your chance to tell people about it! Our goal is to have a complete track of English talks during the conference, so that at any given time there will be at least one English and one Italian talk available to go to.

Note! If you wish to give a talk in Italian, please see the Italian Call for papers. If you wish to give a talk in a language other than English or Italian, please contact us ahead of time to discuss this possibility.

We are interested in talks about all things related to PostgreSQL, for example:

  • PostgreSQL development projects/efforts
  • Solutions built on PostgreSQL
  • Migration projects
  • Advocacy efforts
  • ... and much more ...

Submitting a paper

To submit a paper, please send an email to , containing the following information:

  • Title of your talk
  • Abstract of talk (a couple of sentences)
  • Full description of talk
  • Name and optional company name
  • A short text about the speaker(s)
  • Travel sponsorship requirements (see below)

Unless otherwise specified and discussed separately, all talks are expected to be approximately 45 minutes. We are also considering doing a session of lightning talks, so if you're interested in doing a 5 minute presentation, let us know that as well.

Travel sponsorship

We do not yet know if we have enough sponsorship to be able to provide transport/accommodation for speakers. If you can find sponsorship elsewhere, please do so. Companies sponsoring speaker travel will count as conference sponsors.

Developer rooms

If you wish to have access for a developer room for parts or all of the conference for your specific project or task, please contact us at . There is a limited number of rooms available for this, but we'll try to accommodate all requests.

Program committee

The following people will be reviewing the submitted papers and choosing which talks will be accepted for the conference:

  • Magnus Hagander, Sweden
  • Dave Page, UK
  • St├ęphane Schildknecht, France
  • Stefan Kaltenbrunner, Austria
  • David Fetter, USA


August 10th: Submissions due
August 31st: Speakers notified of acceptance/rejections
September 15th: Final papers must be submitted to the conference
October 17-18th: PgDay Europe!