Donations for the organisation of PGDay 2008 are officially collected by the "Associazione Culturale Italian PostgreSQL Users Group" (ITPUG), a non profit organisation that promotes PostgreSQL and the free software culture throughout Italy.

Your donations are vital, as they allow us to invite the best speakers in the world to PGDay 2008 in Italy and to keep the event free.

If possible, part of the money will be reinvested in open-source software.

It is possible to make donations through:

  1. bank account money transfer
  2. credit card
  3. Paypal

Bank account money transfer

In order to make a donation through money transfer, please specify the reason "Donation for PGDay 2008" using the following bank account coordinates:

  • Holder:
  • CC:

Credit card and Paypal

You can donate via credit card by using Paypal's service.

If you have a Paypal account, you can donate money by performing a simple transfer to the ITPUG account ().