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Elevator pitch examples for entrepreneurs

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When someone asks you “What are you doing?” it’s easy to start talking about your past work experiences and your hopes for the future of your business. But if you dig too deep into your accolades and qualifications, the person listening to you probably won’t remember most of what you said.

This is why perfecting your elevator pitch is so important. An elevator pitch can be used when meeting the head of a business, as a basis for emails, or to pitch your business to a potential investor.

Elevator pitches aren’t the easiest to craft because they’re so concise and personal, but we’ve got you covered.

4 tips entrepreneurs should keep in mind for their elevator pitch

Starting your own business is both exciting and terrifying, but what will ultimately propel your business forward is a successful pitch. Whether you want to hire someone new or attract a client or investor, this short speech should clearly illustrate your purpose within the industry and promote your company’s expertise.

Your elevator pitch should be no longer than 30 seconds, hence the name. But it should include some key elements.

  1. Your biography and a history of your journey. What is your experience in the industry? Be brief.

  2. Your business and what it does. What does or offers your business?

  3. How your business is different. There are likely a number of other businesses just like yours, so what sets your business apart from the competition? To really stand out, use specific data or notable accolades here.

  4. Next steps. Your presentation has gone well so far, so suggest next steps. This portion may change depending on whether you are trying to hire a new recruit or attract an investor. Ask yourself: what do I hope will happen after this conversation ends?

Finally, rehearse and write out your 30-second speech. And remember, you want to intrigue them without giving them too much. It is better to leave room for questions afterwards.

Examples of business pitches

It’s time to write your elevator pitch. It’s easy to make your speech too vague or too detailed, but a good pitch will be both concise and persuasive. It’s also important to view this as a conversation, not just a sale.

Here are two examples of elevator pitches for entrepreneurs:

  1. “Hi, my name is Barbra Jones. My company, Helixx, is a browser extension that automatically applies active discount codes on e-commerce sites. Helixx works with over 30,000 merchants to make shopping online less complicated and more profitable.By investing in our business, you help people “find what they need and save money”.

This example includes all the elements necessary for a successful elevator pitch. We know what the company is doing, specific data that backs up its success so far, and the pitch suggests investing is the next step.

  1. “Imagine you’re late for work and you can’t find your keys. You search and search, but you can’t remember where you last put them. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? That’s why I, Greg Lee, created a low cost tracker using Bluetooth technology. Using a free app on your phone, you can find your keys – or anything else you want to track – in no time. We have a working prototype and a team of manufacturing experts seeking additional funding to begin full-scale production.

Although very different from the first speech, this pitch also includes all the essential components. It starts with a storyline instead of an intro to place the listener in the scene before diving into who’s launching, what the product is, and ends with a call to action.

Now it’s your turn. Good luck!

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