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Examine the Definition of Art • Current Edition

What is your definition of art? Global expert in everything, Google, says art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, usually in a visual form such as painting or sculpture”.

Imagine that a millennium ago, cave rustics engraved scenes of humans and animals using charcoal, ocher and other natural pigments. Often these colorful landscapes were forms of communication or had a symbolic or religious function. Were cave dwellers the original artists?


Google’s definition of art makes sense, and I appreciate the cave dwellers’ narrative. But how does an NFT suddenly occupy this space called art? NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are pieces of digital content tied to the blockchain, the digital database supporting cryptocurrencies. Fungible means that the article can be replaced by another identical article. Thus, NFT is a digital work of art that cannot be reproduced. Understood? Me niether. It is basically a digital representation of art, music or whatever. As a hopeful clarification, the first original text in the story was recently auctioned off as NFT for $121,000. So this is it.


Please meet artist Carmel Magdalena Segovia, the art of someone I trust and adore, and owner of the Magdalena Gallery of Arts on Main Street in Carmel. His gallery represents many other talented artists. Unlike many artists, including me, she received formal training from the Panamericana School of Art and Design in Brazil after completing her Masters in Finance and Fashion Design. Superb!

She describes her style as imaginative/figurative, with a recent leaning towards the abstract. I see hints of impressionism. Happiness inspires her to paint, which is brilliantly reflected in her bright and uplifting paintings.

Regardless of definition, art is certainly diverse. It speaks to us and can bring immense joy and hope into our lives.

Randy Sorrell, a Carmel artist, can be reached at 317-679-2565 or [email protected] or