Database management

Ministry of Information and CIS reach agreement on installation of civil servant database management system

The Ministry of Information and Cam Info Services (CIS) on Monday signed an agreement on the installation of the civil servant database management system.

The signing ceremony was chaired by Ouk Prathna, Permanent Secretary of State for Information. Souny Vong Visiddh, Secretary of State for Information and Head of the Ministry’s Human Resources Training Working Group and Mr. Sun Socheat, Chairman of CIS, were the signatories.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Prathna welcomed the signing of the agreement, stressing that this database management system will become another achievement of the Ministry of Information in strengthening the management of its civil servant database, which will facilitate the work of the Personnel Department in registering, updating and communicating information on civil servants in a clear, accurate and timely manner.

The Permanent Secretary of State called for attention to make the system precise and diverse to meet the concrete needs and situation of the ministry, and to train relevant officials on the use and maintenance of this management system. database.

According to Mr. Vong Visiddh, the system aims to strengthen the management of databases of officials of the Ministry of Information, at national and subnational levels with high efficiency and in response to the need for different data of the Ministry of Civil Service. C. Nika – AKP