PGDay 2008 - Official announcement

The Italian PostgreSQL Users Group (ITPUG - non profit organisation;, together with PostgreSQL Europe and the PostgreSQL community is proud to announce the first official European event for the PostgreSQL Project. We are currently seeking speakers and sponsors for the event.

PGDay 2008 will be held in Prato, Tuscany, Italy on the 17th and 18th of October 2008, with the Patronage of the Province of Prato.

The following organisations have given their support to PGDay (listed in alphabetical order):

It will certainly be one of the major events of free software promotion of the year in Europe and in the Open Source database management system world.

Members of the core team, major developers and other members of the global PostgreSQL community will be in Prato to meet European users and to keep them up to date with latest news and the future of the world's most advanced Open Source RDBMS.

The schedule of the conference is yet to be defined, with the call for papers currently underway ( Some of the more advanced topics that will be covered include:

  • replication systems,
  • high availability,
  • clustering,
  • data warehousing,
  • business intelligence,
  • geographical information systems (GIS).

More general usage topics will be covered as well, such as the spread of usage of open-source database management solutions in the public sector, private companies and universities. Particular attention will be given to educational paths aimed at building new professions based on free software and PostgreSQL in particular.

PGDay is an opportunity for the developer community to meet with software development companies that use or are interested in the usage of PostgreSQL for their products and applications: in addition to OLTP systems, this RDBMS can effectively be used in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing applications. In these situations the analysis and efficient and secure management of large quantities of data is essential.

The Italian PostgreSQL Users Group is endeavouring to keep the event open to everyone and totally free in order to favour the promotion of PostgreSQL on a wider scale. For this reason, ITPUG has started an advertising partnership and sponsorship campaign for those companies that use PostgreSQL and are interested in its growth (

PGDay will take place at the Monash University Prato Centre, in the magnificent historic surroundings of the prestigious Palazzo Vaj in Prato. We are expecting 200 to 300 attendees from 15 or more countries.

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