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Syscom IT Engineering: Syscom’s DBMaker Database Management System and NETCenter Network Monitoring Management both win Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

Congratulations! Syscom’s DBMaker database management system and NETCenter network monitoring management both win Taiwan Excellence Award 2022

[Link][2021/12/7] Syscom Computer, twice awarded for two self-developed products, “DBMaker Database Management System Version 5.4.4” and “Network Monitoring Management NETCenter Version 4.7” once again won the “Taiwan Excellence Award” 2022.

As one of the nation’s large-scale system integrators, Syscom Computer has always been known for its professional strengths. Since 2005, when its first R&D center was approved for establishment in the information services industry, Syscom has been committed to improving the quality of software and has twice passed the highest level of international evaluation the quality of the software. We maintain CMMI Level 5 certification and have been awarded the “National Quality Award – Build Quality Model Award”. Syscom is committed to helping its customers with digital transformation and in-house production to open up niche markets. Winning the Taiwan Excellence Award twice is no small feat. Syscom Computer continues to launch more products of the same “Taiwan Excellent” quality to share with even more users.

The most important new feature in version 5.4.4 of this year’s award-winning DBMaker database management system is its support for diverse external program applications, including support for application frameworks from Django Python and Laravel PHP (Web Framework) websites, with syntax and MVC framework for web software, which makes it easier to implement and deploy web applications for Python and PHP users and makes it easier for users to access websites to DBMaker databases. Together, this creates a pleasant development environment. In addition, pyodbc-dbmaker supports highly versatile Python application for machine learning and data science analysis, django-dbmaker framework enables rapid development of secure and easy to maintain websites. All three are free and open source on the GitHub source code hosting service platform, follow the technological trend of software engineering, make the code transparent, able to withstand testing and become a more powerful tool for developers. Python and PHP. (For more details, please refer to

In addition, the “Network Monitoring Management Center NETCenter Version 4.7” was once again recognized as an excellent Taiwanese product. Much of the award won this year is NETCenter’s presentation of the state of IT operations through a macro and micro perspective, and into existing built-in functions including: alarm monitoring, LOG records, asset management , intuitive dashboards, multi-brand backup, advanced traffic analysis, visual topology and order delivery, which are now extended to include monitoring of wireless network equipment and a “war room” situation center. Complete. NETCenter brings new perspectives in network management and new management amenities with its cloud-based cross-platform, multi-brand and cross-industry technologies, which provide the best enterprise monitoring management solution for digital transformation. NETCenter is ready to help businesses easily and precisely master the use of digital technology. (For more details, please refer to

“DBMaker Database Management System” and “NETCenter network monitoring management center” are available through domestic and foreign marketing channels. They are currently available in the United States, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, and have received praise from users in many countries. “Taiwan Excellence, Taiwan’s Honor”, Syscom Computer pursues research and development, continues to promote and share the best products and services with our users.

DBMaker product contact: M. Lian TEL: (02) 2191-6066 ext. 8282
NETCenter Product Contact: Miss Shieh TEL: (02) 2191-6066 ext. 8870