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TikTok set to shake hands with US-owned database management company over US legislative concerns / Digital Information World

Chinese video-focused social network TikTok has finally agreed with Oracle Corporation, the world’s largest database management company, to store the database of all its users in the United States. This new agreement will leave TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, without access to the information, which was done to address US lawmakers’ concerns about the integrity of the company’s use of all information, which have been making headlines for a while. some time now.

The deal came nearly a year and a half later after the decision by the NSC, which is responsible for dealing with any domestic security threats or making foreign policy decisions. The National Security Council ordered ByteDance to strip its entire US database, fearing it could fall into the hands of the Chinese communist government.

The order was not made mandatory after the Biden administration took over after winning the presidential election last year. The committee, also called CFIUS which deals with foreign investment, is pursuing the issue of TikTok’s data security threats.

It remains unclear whether the committee will accept the new partnership as a solution to the domestic security problem. No comment was made by the US Treasury Department spokesperson since the Secretary of the Treasury Department is also the chairman of the committee.

US database management company Oracles inquired about securing a minor stake in TikTok in 2020 when the company was under pressure from the US government. Oracle will now store all TikTok data in the US on its server as part of this new partnership.

Oracles Corp will now act as the guardian of the entire US database and consists of hundreds of cybersecurity staff and engineers to keep the data protected and healthy. The data management company is also planning a command that will work independently of TikTok’s oversight.

On the other hand, TikTok is also eager to form new partnerships with different tech companies to develop new security standards.

The TikTok spokesperson had no comment on the new partnership, the company continues to focus on investing in new data security measures to protect its users’ information according to the spokesperson.

The US government analyzes the use of user data by developers, particularly that used by US military/intelligence personnel.

Grindr, which was previously owned by a Chinese company, had to abandon the app after it was taken up by the committee over security issues.

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