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What is a Multidimensional Database Management System (MDBMS)?

What does Multidimensional Database Management System (MDBMS) mean?

A multidimensional database management system (MDBMS) is a database management system that uses a data cube as an idea to represent multiple dimensions of data available to users. This database is optimized for data warehouse and online analytical processing applications.

Techopedia Explains Multidimensional Database Management System (MDBMS)

A multidimensional database management system (MDDBMS) provides a multidimensional view of data. For example, in multidimensional analysis, entities such as products, regions, customers, and dates represent different dimensions.

MDBMSs are created from entries in existing relational databases. They have the ability to process data from a database allowing answers to be generated quickly. Data is presented to users in a way that represents a hypercube or multi-dimensional array, where each individual data value is contained in cells accessible by multiple indexes. Multidimensional systems are able to go beyond three dimensions. MDBMSs are well known for their ability to present data in higher level views. The main advantages of using a multidimensional database system are:

  • Increased performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved data navigation and presentation