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What is Amazon Simple Database Service (SimpleDB)?

Amazon Simple Database Service (SimpleDB), also known as Key Value Data Store, is a highly available and flexible non-relational database that enables developers to request and store data, with database management minimal data and administrative liability.

This service provides simplified access to a data store and query functions that allow users to instantly add data and effortlessly retrieve or modify that data. SimpleDB is best used by customers who have relatively simple data needs, like data storage. For example, a company may use cookies to track visitors who visit its website. The company can read the cookies to obtain the visitor’s ID and search for the streams of interest. Amazon SimpleDB offers users the ability to store dozens of attributes for a million customers, but not thousands of attributes for a single customer.

SimpleDB provides a URL endpoint to secure encrypted messages between an application and a domain. In conjunction with AWS Identity and Access Management, you can create permissions for groups and users on specific SimpleDB domains. Amazon SimpleDB works with other Amazon services to give developers the ability to store their data in Amazon Simple Queue Service and run their applications in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Because Amazon SimpleDB provides scaling, customers pay only for resources used and not for compute resources when not actively in use.

This was last updated in August 2014

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