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What is Neo4j? – Definition of

Neo4j is a NoSQL Graph Database Management System (DBMS) with over 400 commercial customers including Cisco, eBay and LinkedIn. Neo4j is known for its low-code online resources that help educate non-technical potential customers on the uses and benefits of graph databases.

The Neo4j database is made available through a GPL3 license in an open source community edition. The software is written in Java and has closed source extensions for backup. Neo4j is accessible via transactional HTTP terminals or with a bolt protocol developed by the company.

The Neo4j DBMS includes the following components and features:
• Native graphics database.
• Graphical analysis.
• Data integration.
• Encrypted graph query language.
• Data visualization tools for non-technical users.

Watch this introductory video to learn more about Neo4j and graph databases.

This was last updated in December 2019

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