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What is the Oracle TimesTen in-memory database?

Oracle TimesTen in-memory database is an in-memory database relational database in which all the data is located in a random access memory (RAM).

a in-memory database has faster request and response times compared to a database which requires frequent access to data on hard drives. As with other in-memory databases, the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database has gained traction in verticals where service level agreements (SLA) often require database response times of less than a second. These industries include telecommunications, financial services and web applications for e-commerce and entertainment.

The TimesTen In-Memory database was originally designed by Hewlett-Packard Labs in the early 1990s. Oracle acquired TimesTen in 2005 and continued to develop the Oracle TimesTen in-memory database, adding features that better integrate TimesTen with other Oracle products such as Enterprise Manager.

This was last updated in January 2014

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