truck wheel and tire sets

“Build” your own truck rims and tire packages

Shop for your custom truck rims and tire packages online and get a free shipping home. You can “build” your own truck wheel and tire packages just marking the fields corresponding your car model and its year. Your custom package will have such information as year, the company it is made in, its model, height, size and finish you want.The same option CarID site offers. There you can combine your […]

vossen wheels jaguar

Finding Vossen Rims for Sale Means a Lifetime Investment

If you strive to find Vossen rims for sale Sixth Gear will rush to help you offering crafted for superior structural integrity, style and performance Vossen concave wheels sets. Moreover, all these wheels Sixth Gear provides with extremely lower prices. Vossen is a leading brend in the industry, which creates high quality one-piece wheels with sizes ranging from 19” to 22” and widths up to 11”. The versatile fitments and […]

porsche oem wheels wholesale

What are the OEM Porsche wheels and how do they differ from products of other manufacturers?

OEM Porsche wheels are wheels made by any of official Porsche subcontractors who have a right to use the company name. As a rule, a list of them could be found from Porsche official web page. OEM by itself simply stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. There’s a common mistake to think that Porsche OEM alloy wheel rims are only those made by the Porsche which is not the case. There’s […]

factory chevy wheels for sale

Saving money by finding and purchasing factory wheels for sale

Buying factory wheels for sale instead of expensive or used wheels is one of the easiest ways to save some money and keep a proper safety level of your car. It’s not a surprise, factory wheels and tires are some of any vehicle’s most important parts. Some cheap factory rims can greatly contribute to a better performance and a better appearance as well. Factory wheels warehouse sold are made by […]

truck tires cheap price

How to “make” your truck tires cheap?

Do you want to find today your truck tires cheap? Sure, you do: who wants to overpay? You also need cheap truck rims for sale, don’t you? You can get rims and tires online for really good prices. The WheelFire offers a lot of wheels for discount prices and rims on sale. The big choice of packages (4 wheels + 4 times) is also available online. You can order Monster […]

23 inch rims tires sale

23 inch wheels for sale: right shopping

Buy 23 inch wheels for sale in Discounted Wheel Warehouse, Wheel Fire, The Wheel Connection and other sites dealing with wheels. Kaiser, Diable, Boss, Alba, Daat and other 23 inch wheels and tires prices are less than usual. The great wholesales will let you save up to 50%. The best alloy 23 inch wheels for Porsche Cayenne from Amazon will cost you $1,745 only, and Street Dreams site offers you […]

21 inch motorcycle rims for sale

Finding cheap and good 21 inch rims for sale

While searching for 21 inch rims for sale, you will likely end up comparing new and used OEM wheels, as well as third party products. Indeed it’s difficult to decide what 21 inch rims and tires to prefer. The biggest advantage of OEM 21 inch wheels for BMW, for example, is their quality reliability and standard sizes which assure a perfect fit. The main disadvantage of 21 inch rims for […]

rim and tire packages in raleigh nc

The benefits of buying rim and tire packages

Getting rim and tire packages doesn’t only safe your money, but also is a smart idea. Usually getting rims and tire package of the same brand gives you many benefits because both elements are manufactured by the same company and go through the strict quality control standards procedure. Big companies usually stick to the industrial standards. Getting rims and tire packages safes money considerable and gives you a great opportunity […]

cheap 20 black rims

Finding good quality and cheap 20 inch rims

By the start of the new season many car owners start looking for cheap 20 inch rims according to their budget. Choosing cheap 20 inch rims and tires for sale over expensive ones often sounds like a reasonable decision, however, there are a few issues to take into account before purchasing cheap 20 inch wheels as good quality of tires always determine safe driving. First of all, be sure to […]

adv 1 wheels facebook

ADV 1 rims for sale – the best motivation

ADV 1 rims for sale are offered by the company which is one of the best official designers in wheel industry. The feature which differs this company from the other in the field of wheel production is that it treats its clients with the same respect its want to be treated with itself. The greatest motivation of ADV 1 is to provide all its clients with the best wheels for […]

oz rims review

OZ Wheels Review Proove the Highest Quality and Style of this Brend

According to OZ wheels review, these high quality alloy wheels are intended for the most important automotive market including racing(DTM, F1, Rally etc.), Moto, aftermarket and OEM. Since the 1970s OZ Company has become the existing legend in the automotive life. The numerous victories that were set with OZ wheels are the indisputable proof that this copany is the leader in this industry! There are many companies, which supply Italian […]

how to make spacers for wheels

The main features of the spacers for wheels

Spacers for wheels are one of the most advanced and effective means to prevent the theft of the wheels. The device of such products is a simple bolt with irregular head, which can be unscrewed only with a special wrench. As a rule, it is very complicated construction with a special mechanism. The head of such spacers for wheels purpose is hollow, with a special inner bore. At first sight, […]

steel wheels for sale ebay

What are advantages and disadvantages of steel wheels for sale compared to other wheels?

Everybody knows that steel wheels for sale are likely to be the most popular type of wheels. Most of original wheels are also made from steel. But let’s see what pros and cons steel car wheels have. The biggest and best known disadvantage of steel rims for sale is their weight since steel is much heavier compared to alloys. This definitely has a negative effect on acceleration and agility and […]

cheap 22 inch chrome rims and tires

Finding good cheap 22 inch rims

Cheap 22 inch rims is a catch for any car owner. It will take a while to find them at least for the first time, but you will potentially save $100-200 for one rim which makes it a total saving of $500-1000 and that is definitely worth the deal. One place to look for cheap 22 inch rims with tires is an aftermarket. Even though these rims won’t have a […]

tire and wheel packages on sale

How to buy cheap tire & wheel packages

Shopping for your tire & wheel packages online you will be able to save a lot. If you still hesitate to trust websites, stop hesitating: believe it, even selling you tire and wheels packages the companies get their profit. You simply do not pay for retailers. Also the websites usually offer for their clients discount coupons for some deals. The Offers site informs every week about a new discount, deal […]